Day 212

Saturday 30th July 2016

Today we were leaving our villa after having a holiday with a few personal minor goals accomplished. 

We decided however to extend our holiday for a few days. We have some friends staying in the French Alps and we thought we would book a hotel near them and spend some time with them. 

While on the journey it gave me time to reflect on a few of my minor accomplishments. Every time we go away we always take a camping chair for the beach. This year we forgot it. Which meant that I had to put my beach towel on the ground instead.

The heaviest I have ever been was 23 stone. This time,though, before I started losing weight I was not far off 22 stone. 

The reason I always take a chair to the beach is because trying to get 23/22 stone off the ground is not an easy task. I would end up looking clumsy and unladylike, not really getting very far.

I would end up needing help getting up off the ground. My kids would come to my rescue. My sons are very strong – it’s probably because on occasions they would have to help me off the ground. I would very often need more than one child to help me up. I think we would end up drawing a lot of attention. Then I ended up being embarrassed. 

This year because my towel was on the floor I still asked the kids for help getting up but I attracted a lot less attention and there was no embarrassment. 

Half way through the holiday though I thought maybe I could get up myself. So I tried and to my surprise I succeeded. 

This may sound trivial because most people can get up off the ground easily by themselves. But when you haven’t done it in years and all of a sudden you can. That’s big for me. Even if I still looked very unladylike!

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