Day 210

Thursday 28th July 2016

I have always liked travelling. I feel very privileged to have been to many different countries, most of them hot. As a child our family holidays were always abroad, and my parents loved to go to different destinations every time. 

I have always struggled with the heat when I go to a hot country. I have always been prone to overheating. It’s probably because I am over weight. I would swell up like a balloon. 

One thing I have noticed about this holiday is that I haven’t done that. One of the signs that this hasn’t happened is that I can still wear my rings. My hands have always been the first thing to swell. And then my ankles. When it happens I find it hard to clench my fists, bend my knees and elbows and move my ankles. 

None of this is happening this year. I don’t know why – I have no theory other than it must be because of all the weight I have lost. I am definitely not complaining. 

It is funny that when these things are not happening to me anymore I forget that I ever had a problem until something sparks my memory and now it’s just another achievement that I can add to the long list I already have.

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