Day 208

Tuesday 26th July 2016

A few months back I went to a conference. One of the reasons I was there was because there was an artist doing a workshop. She does a lot of prophetic art. As I am really into art I went to her workshop. She gave us blank cards that we were to write something to someone in the room. I didn’t know anyone else but I wrote my card and handed it to a lady. I got a few back in return. All were very relevant to my situation. 

One card said though “you are digging deep, but dig deeper still.” I have no idea who gave me that card and I don’t think they knew me and what I was going through this year.

That phrase “Dig Deep” has cropped up so many times since people have been using it to encourage me, to keep going. 

Today Matt has done an amazing challenge. We are staying in France near Mt Ventoux and the challenge is to cycle up the 3 different routes to the top within 24 hours. It’s 5000 meters of climbing in total over 140 kilometres. He did it in 8 hours. For Matt to even succeed in this challenge he had to really dig deep – especially as he was by himself for much of it. 

There were times that he wanted to quit. There were times he had absolutely no strength to continue. But he really did dig deep and he succeeded. He battled the steep inclines, the isolation, the heat, even the rain at times! Now he looks back and he is really proud of his achievement. He knows alot of cyclists but hasn’t come across any that have completed that challenge. 

I found Matt’s achievement very inspiring. The sheer grit and determination I saw made me so proud of him. 

I am finding that for me to succeed and get anywhere near my goals I think I need to start digging even deeper just like that note said. 

It may be hard but the rewards will be worth it when I succeed. 

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