Day 198

Saturday 16th July 2016

I have really enjoyed the last few days. However eating has been a little bit of a problem. We have stayed in a hotel for the last few days so we didn’t unpack everything out of the car. We had to eat out a lot while we were there.

I have been to France many times. I have gone skiing in the French Alps almost every year since I was 21. We also love to have our summer holidays in France. 

Considering I have been to France that often I can’t speak the language. However I have always got by OK especially when ordering food off a menu.

I have always known how to order pizza, steak, chips, ice cream, coke, and any type of food that is bad for you. This time however I find that I am wanting to order healthier foods like salad. 

The trouble is I don’t know what I am ordering. Yesterday I thought I ordered a ham salad but the salad also contained cheese, eggs, nuts & croutons.

Even though it looks healthy it has broken a few rules as there is more than one protein and wheat on the plate. 

Even if I could read the menu, I wouldn’t have been able to ask them to take certain things out because we didn’t understand each other. 

Today thankfully we moved to a self-catering villa for a few weeks. Which means we can finally unpack the car and I get more control over what I eat. 

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