Day 188

Wednesday 6th July 2016

I am still seeing Jenny the nutritionist every week. When I see her I always seem to leave learning something new. 

Today we talked about our usual topic – my weight. She said that I need to start adding more fat to my diet. I thought that was strange because when people go on a diet we always seem to want to reduce the fat. 

She wants me to add more butter to my vegetables, eat sauces that are high in fat like what’s in a chicken tikka masala, put more oil in my salad, and reduce my oats and rye bread. 

She went on to say that:

“We all believe that we need to consume carbohydrates for fuel, however consider  this – carbohydrates are like a log fire; you light the fire with some simple paper (refined sugars) to instantly get a flame then the heat with smoke and it’s all very exciting. After a short period of time, as the flames goes out and the heat reduces, you need to put more logs on the fire to get it going again to produce more flames.  As the flames die down the logs do not really hold and heat they just turn to ash very quickly

However, when we use our stored fat for energy it’s like a coal fire, it takes time to get going so you need some carbohydrate to light the fire. However, once alite, the coals start to glow and produce a steady hotter heat. You’ll find that you do not need to keep adding more coal to the fire as it continues to glow and provide heat for longer, hence provides energy slower for longer. 

So do you want to be fat burner!! Or just a fire starter! ”

I found her explanation very interesting and it goes totally against what I believed should be done to lose weight. But she hasn’t led me wrong yet. Changing things around might just give me the boost I need from this plateau I am on.

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 12.6lbs.    0.4lbs⬆️   62.4lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

107.3kg.          0.2kg⬆️         29.5kg⬇️total



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