Day 179

Monday 27th June 2016

Today I have found out that I have some very big shoes to fill. 

I have always loved shoes, one of my favourite childhood memories is my sister and I trying on my Mum’s shoes – we couldn’t walk in them but we felt so grown up wearing them. My sister’s first word was shoes. 

As an adult my love for shoes hasn’t gone away. I love them now for a totally different reason though, it’s because you can always walk in a shoe shop and something will generally fit you. 

I don’t need to feel embarrassed, I don’t feel people are looking at me because shoes in my size always fit. That is why I love shoes.

I have always thought that your shoe size doesn’t change when you get to be an adult. Once an 8 always an 8.

Today I needed some new shoes so I chose a pair of enclosed slip on shoes. I asked for them in a size 8 but they were really big! So then I tried on a 7, they were also big, so I ended up leaving with a 6…

2 shoe sizes ! I can’t believe I have gone down 2 sizes, I already have new clothes to buy, I wasn’t banking on the fact that I would need new shoes too. 

I think I can get over this very quickly; not sure Matt will when he sees the bank balance though. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 13.4lbs.    0.2lbs⬆️.   61.6lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

107.7kg.          0.1kg⬆️.     29.1kg⬇️total


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