Day 173

Tuesday 21st June 2016

I have always thought that every time you lose 10lbs you will drop a dress size. 

My weight has not really been going down much lately. Every time I have gone on a diet in the past there comes a point where I stop and I don’t lose anymore weight. I have tried and tried and tried but I can never seem get under 17 stone. 

As I am now at that weight I am finding that nothing has changed and I am again stuck.

In the past I have let this bother me, but this time I haven’t really noticed. I am finding  that even though the scales are not going down my dress size is. 

Last time I went shopping I was buying size 16 now they are to big again and I am fitting in size 14

I have always said that size 14 is a nice size to be. I can’t believe that I can start buying them.

I, however, think that this can’t be true, the clothes must be labelled up wrong. 

It’s funny, when I was bigger I saw myself smaller now that I am smaller I am seeing myself bigger. I can’t seem to make the connection that I am actually smaller. 

My stomach is still really big, and so are my arms, my double chin is going down but it is still there. So even though I have started to get into a size 14 I have a long way to go. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 13.6lbs.     ⬅️➡️.     61.4lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

107.8kg.            ⬅️➡️.      29kg⬇️total


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