Day 171

Sunday 19th June 2016

Its been over a week since I last got on my bike so I thought it was about time I did again. 

Matt took me to a place where the roads are quiet and not so many steep hills. As it was my first time out on a proper ride he said he wanted to ease me into it gently. 

It all started well I even got the bike on the highest gear. My bike has 22 gears. Matt said though that when you are learning to ride properly when going up a hill you need to anticipate it more and go to a lower gear, spin your legs faster but keep the momentum going. Spinning my legs faster will also help with my fitness. Pushing a big gear just builds strength. So I’m learning to use the correct gears so I don’t exert more energy than I need to. 

Matt said we were going to do about 10 miles. After 7 I was aching, I wasn’t tired it was just painful in one area

One word could describe it OUCH !!!!!

Leaning on my wrists was painful too. After 10 miles he said that we still had a few more miles to do. 

I thought ‘typical’ but I could do nothing but continue. He would also say that this is the last hill but of course that wasn’t true ether!

I have to say that even though I did a few extra miles, a few extra hills and was very saddle sore, I really enjoyed it.

I was also very pleased with myself that I didn’t get off once and I cycled up every hill. 

The worst was afterwards when my hayfever got really bad and an hour later  I was incredibly hungry and I had to wait a few hours before I could have my dinner!

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 13.4lbs.     0.2lbs⬆️.  . 61.6lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

107.7kg.          0.1lbs⬆️.     29.1kg⬇️total


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