Day 161

Thursday 9th June 2016

I went for a walk with Maxine my neighbour. She went to the Cherish conference last weekend.

While we were walking she told me all about it. She said that someone spoke about wearing masks. 

I have heard these kind of preaches many times and thought that doesn’t relate to me because what you see is what you get – my life is an open book. As she was talking she said that we need to take our masks off. 

I came to realise during our conversation that actually that did include me – I have been wearing a mask. 

This journey I am on this year has definitely been a road of self discovery. I thought I was eating healthier and losing weight but really I am learning about all the things I hide behind and slowly I am starting to get rid of them.

I can now take off my mask. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

17st 1.4lbs.      1.1lbs⬇️.     59.6lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

108.6kg.         0.5kg⬇️.      28kg⬇️total


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