Day 152

Tuesday 31st May 2016

I have always loved history and period dramas. I am fascinated about how people used to live. 

I think they would have lived a life with fewer distractions. And certainly with the upper classes the men seemed to do more work than the women, while the women spent their time doing hobbies like drawing, sewing, embroidery, horse riding and things they were interested in. I quite like the idea of that! 

They also seemed to live for meal times. You would often see in a period drama everyone sitting at a table full of food. 

I have always wondered why were they never overweight. They spent there life eating but you don’t see many people in these dramas who are fat. 

Maybe it’s because they didn’t have processed food back then. Everything had to be made fresh every morning and was grown and sourced locally. 

You couldn’t go out and buy a loaf of bread like we can now, it had to be made that morning. 

Processed food and convenience food is so common now that no wonder so many people have a weight problem. 

We live busier lives now it seems so it appears to be so much harder to cook fresh everyday. You have to really plan for it. But it’s definitely beneficial if you have the time.

Start weight 21st 5lbs

17st 3.8lbs. ⬅️➡️. 57.2lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

109.6kg.     ⬅️➡️.    27kg⬇️total

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