Day 149

Saturday 28th May 2016

I am trying to stick to the 8 rules while I have been in London. It has been really difficult. 

For the first 2 nights there was a set menu. The food I ate was good for my diet but it did come out after 9pm which meant it was one rule broken. 

Last night we went to the theatre to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This meant that I would have had to break the 5 hour rule and eat before the show or eat after 9pm again. 

I decided to miss my dinner instead. I did have an apple in my bag so I ate that. Eventhough the show was great it was the worst one to see when you are hungry!

Jenny told me if you miss a meal you can’t make up for it the next meal. 

So when breakfast came this morning I ate my normal breakfast. All I wanted was more. 

I felt like I was in that scene in Oliver Twist when he asks for more. I, however, had Jenny in my head saying “more, you want more!” (Mr Bumbles reply to Oliver) So I was good and I didn’t give into temptation.  

No weigh in


One thought on “Day 149

  1. It’s really tough not eating more the next day, your head is telling you that you should have and deserve more.. Well done for tying to stick to the rules! You will be rewarded when you get home too as well as the lovely comments I’m sure you have also received on how beautiful and confident you looked in the big night. See you Wednesday for de-brief.

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