Day 142

Saturday 21st May 2016

There was a women’s event on today with the church, it was a day of pampering 

There were beauty therapist doing massages, facials, nails and all kinds of beauty treatments. 

Jenny the nutritionist was there giving nutritional advice. 

There was also a couple of keep fit classes. One of them was Zumba. I have never done Zumba before So I thought I would try it. 

I felt like I was salsa dancing.

I thought it was hilarious. I have never been much of a dancer, I was so bad that I didn’t stop laughing the whole way through. I loved it!

Exercise and laughter is definitely a remedy for the soul

Start weight 21st 5lbs

17st 4.5lbs.   0.3lbs⬇️.     56.5lbs⬇️total

Start weight  135.6kg

110kg.             0.1kg⬇️.      26.6kg⬇️total


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