Day 139

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Every time I see Jenny the nutritionist we always have a weigh in. Every week so far I have lost weight I have never put any weight on or even stayed the same. 

Even though I weigh myself at home everyday it’s the weight loss with Jenny that counts. 

She usually tells me how much weight I have lost that week and then she says how much is from my fat reserves and how much is muscle mass. 

When you have the right amount of vitamins and minerals you retain the right muscle mass. 

It’s the combination of good nutrition, the right protein, balanced carbohydrates  that contain the essential nutrients that forms the muscle mass 

Then when your body needs energy it will burn body fat because you are putting the right stuff in. Taking the weight off from the correct areas.

There is more energy in body fat than there is in muscle mass.  Muscle is formed in the kitchen not in the gym – it’s enhanced in gym.

I find that every week I am losing body fat and not muscle mass.  So I must be doing something right.

17st 5.2lbs.   0.2lbs⬇️.    55.8lbs⬇️total

110.3kg.         0.1kg⬇️.      26.3kg⬇️total


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