Day 136

Sunday 15th May 2016

I have not cooked much lately. Matt had taken over a lot this year. It was mainly because he didn’t want to put temptation in my way.

Now, though, I am not really tempted anymore. So today I decided to cook. There is only one thing I can cook on a Sunday and that has to be a traditional Sunday roast. When I cook a roast it has to be roast beef.  I have been allowed beef for a while but I have not had any up to now. 

I am on the odd occasion allowed potatoes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them or not so I made sweet potato roasts too. 

It was nice eating roast beef again and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t so sure about the potatoes. I have always loved potatoes especially roasts, but I have to say I preferred the sweet potatoes. I never thought I would ever say that.

It’s funny – when I wasn’t allowed them I wanted them. But now I am allowed them I would rather not have them.

17st 5.4lbs.   0.2lbs⬇️.      55.6lbs⬇️total

110.4kg.         0.1kg⬇️.       26.2kg⬇️total


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