Day 133

Thursday 12th May 2016

When it comes to my clothes I have always had too many. That many that I can’t possibly wear them all.

They range from many different sizes depending on my weight. I call them my 3 wardrobes small, medium and large.

My large wardrobe is what I have used the most. I have to say that the sizes were going up last year. I didn’t like clothes shopping. I would just buy anything that would fit, because my theory was that it was very rare to find things that did fit.

I have always been very happy to use my medium wardrobe because it means that I have lost weight.

My small wardrobe is the one that I fitted in once but not usually for very long. This wardrobe has hardly been used. At the minute I am using my small wardrobe which is a great feeling. It makes me feel really good getting something out of it that has been in there for years.

My large and medium wardrobes have been thrown out. My next challenge is to actually get to the stage where I can throw out my small wardrobe and buy a whole new one and make it my extra small wardrobe. I have never got that far ever when it comes to dieting. 

I was very happy this morning to see the scales 2lb lighter, it means that extra small wardrobe is getting closer.

17st 6.7lbs.    2.0 lbs⬇️.       54.3lbs⬇️total

111.0kg.           0.9 kg⬇️.        25.6kg⬇️total


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