Day 132

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Wednesday’s are my favourite day of the week because it is the day I get to see Jenny and I learn a few things about health and nutrition. 

She has sorted out my general health by educating me on what food to eat. Now I find that I am telling her about any slight little ailment I might have because she usually knows what has caused it and how to get rid of it. 

I have found for the past few weeks that I have had very itchy skin. I thought at first that was because my skin has gone dry after getting a tan on holiday, but it would itch on my stomach and that has never seen the sun in its life.  

Jenny said that when I first started with her on the detox, after 4 days, I went through cold turkey ( it was the worst thing I have ever done). She said that my body is doing the same and it has taken all this time to come to the surface; its like I’m shedding skin.

When snakes shed their skin they reemerge brighter, revitalised and refreshed. 

I so hope that happens to me. 

17st. 8.7lbs.     0.2lbs⬆️.     52.3lbs⬇️total

111.9kg.             0.1kg⬆️.      24.7kg⬇️total

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