Day 127

Friday 6th May 2016

Friday again that can only mean that my personal trainer is coming and  I am going to exhaust myself in the gym. 

I have been doing these HIIT exercises now for a few weeks. They are getting easier even though I have to do them for longer. 

One of the exercises is called the windmill.  Windmills look nice and relaxing as they turn. This exercise is nothing like that!

I have had a bad back for some time now and I find that the windmill is really helping it.

I have to reach up and then bend down as far as I can. I like this exercise so much better than the rocket or the compass. 

Today I had the nicest lunch – it was salmon. It is shocking that I liked it as I have never liked fish. It seems my perseverance is paying off. 

Lately when it comes to the scales I have not payed too much attention.  I think it’s because I would always be disappointed if I did. Today I got on and I almost fell over with the disbelief that the scales actually went down. I hope this means that my plateauing has stopped. 

17st 10lbs.     0.5lbs⬇️.       51lbs⬇️total

112.5kg.          0.3kg⬇️.     24.1kg⬇️total


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