Day 125

Wednesday 4th May 2016

It was a very busy day today. I was busy doing lots of things and I didn’t seem to get tired once. 4 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to cope and flaked out halfway through the day. 

I saw Jenny the nutritionist today again. My results from my blood test had come in but only that morning. So it was a quick overview instead.

I found the results very interesting. I had improved in a lot of things. I have reduced the risk of getting diabetes, osteoporosis & gout considerably. My fatty acids and lipids in the blood are healthier. 

I have an under active thyroid. For years they haven’t functioned properly, but now they have been awakened. I am now producing T3 &T4  natural cortisol (stress hormone) I hope that means I will be less stressed and not more. It also means that I have more energy. 

My favourite improvement though is the fact that my Uric acid levels in my blood are back in balance. Which means I can finally eat beef.

However there was an issue with my white blood cells. I have had a bad stomach since coming back from holiday. I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t eating as healthily now , even though I am still being healthy. Apparently it looks like I got an infection on holiday and my white blood cells have been exhausted and now they don’t function properly. 

There is a solution though and that is for me to keep taking my apple cider vinegar tablets, probiotics (supplements) and prebiotics that means more of those disgusting veggie smoothies every day. 

17st 10.5lbs.    ⬅️➡️.       50.5lbs⬇️total

112.7kg.           ⬅️➡️.        23.8kg⬇️total


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