Day 103

Tuesday 12th April 2016

While I was on holiday my uncle told me a story about 2 groups of people. Both were given the same cake and half way through eating it group 1 was told the cake was 600 calories a slice while group 2 was told 100 calories a slice. Later that afternoon they split them up into the same groups again, and gave them the same cake. He then asked me what happened I said that group 2 ate the cake and group 1 didn’t. However the total opposite happened. Group 2 thought they had done well that day and didn’t want to ruin anything, whereas group 1 thought they have already blown their diet that day so they may as well go for it and eat the second cake. 

It’s called :-

Since coming back from my holiday I have been really hungry wanting to eat at funny times. I was also so strong on holiday that when I got back my will power went for about 10 minutes at the wrong time. Temptation got the better of me and I ate a part of one of the kids Easter egg. It tasted so good!

Even though I gave into temptation I have decided I am NOT going to give into this catastrophic thinking!

18st 2.2lbs.    1.3lbs⬇️.    44.8lbs⬇️total

115.3kg.            0.6kg⬇️.     21.2kg⬇️total


2 thoughts on “Day 103

  1. Congratulations Debbie, you are doing very well! I went back to W.W. here in Canada on the 19th of January this year. Lost 16.4Ibs to date 5Ibs more to go until I reach my goal. I know how difficult it can be at times but well worth the effort. Keep up the good work. Hugs to you and the family.

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