Day 100

Saturday 9th April 2016.

Today we are flying home.

This holiday has been great for many different reasons. I always enjoy holidays because it’s a time to relax, spend time with your family and do things that you haven’t done before. This holiday though has been much more than that. 

Losing 3 stone before I went has definitely made me appreciate the little things.

Not only did I wear some of my old dresses again, but I bought some new ones too. 3 sizes smaller

I haven’t worn my wedding rings for 3 years because they didn’t fit. My aim was to start wearing them before I went on holiday.  

I could even wear them in the heat.

I am really pleased that most of the time I stuck to my diet. I can count the amount of treats I had on one hand. It was hard at times but all I knew was that I would have been gutted if I put on weight.

The first week I was dreading all the stairs I had to go up. It was preparing me for the second week where there was twice as many. I seemed to cope very well I think.

I am pleased that I managed to keep up the exercise most days. 

All in all a good accomplishment I think.


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