Day 98

Thursday 7th April 2016

I am on phase 3 of my diet and that means every week I can have a treat meal. However because I still have a lot of weight to lose I only have one once a month. 

I am getting to the end of the holiday and I am so glad that I have saved it for tonight as it’s curry night.  

I haven’t eaten wheat, sugar, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes or desserts for a long time now. On treat day I can have them, but there are rules. 

On the 2 other meals of the day I must not eat fruit or starch. 

Start meal with 2 bites of protein 

Drink water 30 minutes before and after meal

Take a 15 minute break after an hour

When eating dessert have 2 bites of fresh cream first

If you have chocolate make sure it’s 70% cocoa

The OCCASIONAL treat does not and will not alter your weight. 

The curry was hot but very nice, well worth saving for a treat day. But I did find that I couldn’t eat much.

I also order a strawberry daiquiri, I had one sip I wasn’t impressed so I left it.

I then ordered cheesecake with fresh cream. It was lovely but I couldn’t manage it all. 

Sometimes I think the treat day is better in my head than in reality!!!


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