Day 96

Tuesday 5th April 2016

I think losing weight has made me more clumsy! I am wondering if the weight change has made my balance go funny. 

The reason I say it, is because on this holiday I have had so many accidents. I have knocked over glasses I don’t know how many times. I have stubbed my toe lots. I have cut my head when I went diving the other day. I got worried that I would attract every shark in the vicinity. I was also trying to get out of a boat and I tripped and ended up head first in the sand.

Last night though was the worst when I fell down the stairs. I lost my footing and slid down about 6 steps on my bottom. I ended up by a table with a tray of glasses that almost landed on my head.

I have ended up so bruised and swollen almost everywhere.

I hope this clumsiness will pass as I don’t have too many places left for any more bruises.


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