Day 95

Monday 4th April 2016

While I am on a cruise I am finding that I can’t do my morning swim. There is however a gym on board. As a rule I would rather go for a walk outside but as I am on a boat I don’t really have that option so this morning I went on the treadmill instead.  It was a lot nicer than my treadmill at home because this one has a view.

I was wanting to do about 3k which is the same distance as our block at home. It seemed to take forever and I was walking faster than normal and I didn’t know why I wasn’t going to make it in half an hour. So I tried even harder. 

After 30 minutes I turned it off and I was gutted that I had only managed 2.5k, it was only after I got off that I was told that it was miles and not kilometres!


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