Day 94

  Sunday 3rd April 2016

First day on the cruise has been quite entertaining. I have done an activity called a helmet dive. You walk on the sea bed with a helmet on so you can breathe. It is one of the funniest things I have done. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Today I thought I would tell you all about:- 


1) Eat just 3 meals a day

2) Wait a minimum of 5 hours between each meal

3) Each meal should not take any longer than 1 hour to eat.

4) Begin each meal with 1 -2 bites of protein. (This will lessen insulin response)

5) Eat 1 type of protein with each meal ( it improves digestion and optimises overall nutrition)

6) Finish evening meal by 9pm

7) Drink the correct amount of water a day. (approximately 35mls of water for every kilo of body weight)

8) Eat 1 apple a day

I am managing these rules quite well. It’s kind of like my bible of things I need to stick too. I still seem to be able to do it even though I am on holiday. It is a little harder though.


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