Day 93

Saturday 2nd April 2016

I have been going for a morning swim in the sea every morning this week. I have been going with my nieces. We would swim out to a boat in the distance and swim back again, it would take a little over half an hour. 

I would then go straight to breakfast soaking wet.

I think I must have annoyed everyone leaving puddles everywhere I went. 

Today, though was the first morning I didn’t swim because we were leaving the hotel today. I really missed it. 

We are on a cruise for the second part of our holiday. 

I feel I have been eating healthily all holiday but I do feel like I have put on weight. I don’t understand why. It has made me a little disheartened.


3 thoughts on “Day 93

  1. Also doing lots of swimming your muscles will be strengthened. Your on holiday…. Keep to it on the whole, but allow yourself occasional treats because you are on holiday, I found last year it helped! X

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