Day 121

Saturday 30th April 2016

The one day I could lie in and I woke up really early – it’s always the way.  I found, though, that I was in the mood to spring clean my room.

I went through all my clothes. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I last did it. However, this time I was throwing away clothes that I have always loved and have worn lots. Surprisingly I found it quite hard. But they had to go as they were too big.

I would usually only have the energy to clean up for a couple of hours but today I lasted all day. My bedroom has never looked so good.

I couldn’t quite believe it this morning when I had finally reached the 50lb down mark. The weight loss had been so slow lately but when it finally hit that target it was amazing.

It’s also good that it’s come on the last day of the month Which means I have managed 50lbs in 4 months. 

It also means that I am half way to my overall goal.

17st 10.9lbs.    0.9lbs⬇️.       50.1lbs⬇️total

112.9kg.            0.4kg⬇️.        23.6kg⬇️total


Day 120

Friday 29th April 2016

Scales went up. It didn’t seem to bother me though because I know I am getting thinner regardless of what the scales say.

It probably because I am putting on muscle which weighs heavier than fat. I am still doing my walks most days.  I always walk at least 5k everyday however on a Friday I have my training.

Today was the 2nd week of doing HIIT training. Last week I couldn’t walk for 2 days afterwards. This week however was a lot harder than last week. I am already aching. 

One of the exercises was called the rocket.

I had to squat down and then jump up in the air. I then had to repeat this many times. All these exercises are so much harder than my walks. It is nice to do something different every now and then though.

17st 11.8lbs.   0.5lbs⬆️.       49.2lbs⬇️total

113.3kg.           0.2kg⬆️.        23.2kg⬇️total

Day 119

Thursday 28th April 2016

12 weeks ago when I first met Jenny the nutritionist. She sent me to get a blood test. It was to test my metabolic balance to see what was going on with my health, and why I couldn’t lose weight. 

The results were very enlightening and helpful. Since then I have been trying to get my metabolic rate back in balance, by controlling what I eat. 

It has been really hard work but I have done everything she has asked me to do. I have overcome so much in that time – eating food I don’t like, going cold turkey with sugar (which was the worst), not eating for 5 hours between my meals just to name a few.

Today I had another blood test. The last time I was dreading the results but hoped they would bring answers. This time however I am looking forward to them because the results must have improved.

I woke up this morning with a different attitude. It is the end of the 12 week course with Jenny. However it’s the beginning of another 12 weeks. 

I am very excited about what it has in store for me, which amazingly has renewed my motivation.

17st 11.3lbs.     ⬅️➡️.          49.7lbs⬇️total

113.1kg.             ⬅️➡️.            23.4kg⬇️total

Day 118

Wednesday 27th April 2016

I have noticed that the weight loss has started to slow down. I knew it would come at some point. I just hoped that I could delay it a little longer. 

I am now, however, in danger of losing my motivation. At first I found my motivation was so much stronger because I had so much more to lose. Now, though, I am afraid of losing my motivation and ending up in the danger zone

I have been seeing Jenny the nutritionist for 12 weeks now. I have to say that I feel that I have come so far in 12 weeks.  I have lost lots of weight, I’m eating healthily, I’ve got rid of my cravings, I’ve improved my health, got fitter & a whole lot of other things. 

I told her of my concerns and she said that I was right to be worried because it will probably be harder for me now as my body is now used to the new regime. I am not sure that was what I wanted to hear, but at least I know what to expect. 

But there maybe things I can do to change the regime and kick start the weight loss again. Only time will tell I suppose. 

17st 11.3lbs.   0.3lbs⬇️.       49.7lbs⬇️total

113.1kg.            0.1kg⬇️.       23.4kg⬇️total

Day 117

Tuesday 26th April 2016

I find at the minute that I have a really nice problem. My clothes are getting too big.

I have always liked to wear my clothes a little baggy  but my t-shirts are now dresses. I feel like I am wearing a tent.

I have been wearing lots of leggings lately and even they are baggy.

Today I put on a top that I bought about a month ago. It was tight when I bought it but now it’s loose.  

So I have a really nice problem but an expensive one! I now have to buy new clothes but I will probably only wear them for a short time. It is very encouraging though.

17st 11.6lbs.    0.4lbs⬇️.      49.4lbs⬇️total 

113.2kg.            0.2kg⬇️.       23.3kg⬇️total

Day 116

Monday 25th April 2016

The last few days I have not thought once about what I am eating. I have not thought about being healthy. I have not even thought about dieting. 

This could be really worrying but I find that the dieting and healthy eating have become a habit. 


I find that I don’t have to think about things so much anymore. It just normal to me now. It’s a new normal. 

The thing that does worry me though is that, because I am finding I don’t have to think about it, does that mean I won’t think about it if I slip too (not that I am planning to). I just don’t want to start getting into bad habits after all this hard work.

17st 12lbs.    ⬅️➡️.        49lbs⬇️total

113.4kg.         ⬅️➡️.     23.1kg⬇️total

Day 115

Sunday 24th April 2016

I have always loved shoes. The reason is because when you are overweight you can’t  always buy clothes that fit , but you can always get shoes.

I have got more shoes than I need (I would never confess that to my husband though) even though I have lots of shoes I don’t wear them all especially the ones with heals. 

I don’t wear heals very often only on really special occasions and never in the day time. The reason is because I have always felt that I look like an elephant on stilts.

I have never found them that comfortable. It’s a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet.

I have been going to church every Sunday since I was a kid and today is the first time I have worn heals and I didn’t even feel like an elephant.

17st 12lbs.       0.9lbs⬇️.          49lbs⬇️total

113.4kg.            0.4kg⬇️.          23.1kg⬇️total

Day 114

Saturday 23rd April 2016

I have always loved having cereal for breakfast. Since the end of January I have been correcting my metabolic balance  which means I haven’t had any cereal. I have really missed it. 

When I saw Jenny on Wednesday we went shopping and I bought some cereal I can have.

I haven’t had milk since January either, but she told me that almond milk is a good substitute.

The worst thing for me has been my breakfasts. I don’t know why I just can’t really get used to it

I really thought I wouldn’t like the almond milk, but I have to say I think I liked it better than milk. I don’t think I would like regular milk anymore anyway.

I am really happy with this change as now I can add a bit more variety to my breakfasts.

17st 12.9lbs    ⬅️➡️.      48.1lbs⬇️total

113.8kg.           ⬅️➡️.      22.7kg⬇️total

Day 113

Friday 22nd April 2016

I had my training today. It has been a month since my last one. 

I have started up a new training program called HIIT  high intensity interval training. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t think I would like it though. 

It was short bursts of lots of different exercises. Some were hard and some were not so bad.

I did this exercise called the compass.

I think that was one of the hardest. I had to jump in a certain direction and then back to the centre again and the repeat many times. 

I don’t jump !  I haven’t done it in years as it is too much pressure on my knees. I seemed to handle it fine though.

 I think I might ache tomorrow.

17st. 12.9lbs.    0.4lbs⬇️.    48.1lbs⬇️total

113.8kg.              0.2kg⬇️.     22.7kg⬇️total

Day 112

Thursday 21st April 2016

Today I want to tell you about my hair. 

I have always loved my hair .lt is thick and does whatever I want it to. I have always been lucky like that, however that is not why I like it. I like it because I can hide behind it.

I have always kept it long enough to use to cover myself up if I needed it to. I never wear it up, except for when I am in the gym or in hot countries. I always felt that if I put my hair up it exposed to much of my face, my double chin and made me look bigger. I felt I was drawing far to much attention to myself. You could say it’s my security blanket.

Once I had my hair cut. They cut too much off that I couldn’t hide behind it anymore. I cried until it grew back. So I never had short hair again.

Today though was unusual for me because I put my hair up and for the first time in years, I felt OK. 

17st 13.3lbs.     0.4lbs⬇️.      47.7lbs⬇️total

114kg.                0.2kg⬇️.        22.5kg⬇️total