Day 91

Thursday 31st March 2016

I have always loved the water. When I was a kid on holidays you couldn’t get me out of the pool. In recent years, while I still loved the water, I really couldn’t get out of it when we went snorkelling or diving. It was because I couldn’t get back on the boat! It took me forever. I used all my strength and then I did it in the most unlady like way ever. I would hit the deck like a tub of lard.  

Today I went snorkelling with the kids and when it came to getting back in the boat, it was so much easier.  I didn’t even need any help.

I knew before I came away that drinks were going to be a problem. There was nothing I could choose to drink other than water or tea. For the last few days I have been drinking iced fruit tea. 

It kind of tastes like squash but it has really helped me feel like I am not missing out. 


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