Day 85

Friday 25th March 2016

Today is Good Friday, and I have to say for me it really was good for a number of reasons.

1) I am going on holiday

2) I have lost 3 stone as of this morning 

3) I am sitting on the plane and for the first time in 4 years I can do up the seat belt with no trouble and I have had to even tighten it


4) When I put the table down it doesn’t sit on my stomach any more (you may think that is trivial but it’s a big deal to me)

5) I am spending time with lots of family for 2 weeks

Today was my last weigh in for 2 weeks

18st 4.8lbs.    2lbs⬇️.     42.2lbs⬇️total

One thought on “Day 85

  1. What an absolutely amazing blog and what an absolutely amazing achievement Deb.
    Very well done. Enjoy your holiday and we will sample a different walking route when you get back.

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