Day 21

Thursday 21st January 2016

Weight went up again, not really worried as it is going up and down all the time.

Went for a walk again. Matt has been very helpful, I have dieted many times before and always did well but one day I just stopped losing weight. I then got diagnosed with an under active thyroid and discovered that I over produce oestrogen which both make you put on weight.

I then went through 6 months of depression where I piled weight back on. I tried for years after that to lose weight, but I was fighting against so many medical conditions that it was impossible.

This time Matt found a nutritionist and we made an appointment. Today was our first visit.

She was very helpful and said that all these medical conditions can be reversed by a very strict diet. I needed a blood test to see what was really going on inside.

I will be starting my diet with her next week

20st 11.5lbs.   5lbs ⬆️.   7.5lbs ⬇️total. 😐


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