Day 11

Monday 11th January 2016

I have had a personal trainer for about 8 years. Today is my first session this year, I usually go on the tread mill and then do boxing. I have been known on occasions to lift weights and do ab work too. Boxing is what I love the most there is something (I shouldn’t say this but) there is something exhilarating about punching someone. You can get rid of all your frustrations and its good for self defence.

However the weight loss is still very slow.

I get weighed in every week, and this week I was the same as what I was before Christmas, which was very demoralising.

We took some measurements today though:

57.5 inches around waist

56 inches around hips

29.75 inches around left arm

30 inches around right arm

20 inches around left leg

21 inches around right leg

21st 1.2lbs.   0.2lbs⬇️.  3.8lbs⬇️total 😐


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